Google deletes 42 apps from your Play Store, you can also delete immediately

Security researchers have found 42 apps on the Google Play Store that are affected by malware. They have been installed 8 million times on Android devices. These 42 apps were detected by Slovak Internet Security Company ESET. The app was available on the Play Store since July 2018. 21 of these 42 were also available on the Play Store at the time of the search. However, now Google has removed these 42 apps from its platform. All these apps were associated with the adware campaign.

Apps removed from the Play Store by Google: Researchers have said they have reported it to the Google security team. Google has now removed these apps from its platform. Researchers believe that when the Ashas adware family app is launched, it sends data about the device connected. This includes information like device type, OS version, language, number of installed apps, free storage space, etc.

Data used sand: These apps check many things in the phone. Whether the phone is rooted or not, whether the phone has developer mode on or not, Facebook and Messenger are installed. Security researcher Lukas Stefanko said, “The app used to get the device’s configuration data from the command and control server. It was only then that the ads were shown on the users’ device. If users uninstall such apps, ads will start showing on their phones.

Active in the background: Users can’t turn off these ads directly on their phones. Such apps keep working in the background. It is not even known to the users.

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