TCL May Launch Foldable Smartphone

Samsung and Huawei have launched their foldable smartphones in the past. The TCL is also gearing up to launch foldable phones to rival them. According to the report, the phone can be folded not once but thrice, which will be a very special and brand new concept for users. However, no official disclosure has been made in this regard.

According to a CNET report, TCL has filed a prototype for a foldable phone with a demo display that allows the phone to be viewed as a non-operational model. The report revealed that the back panel of TCL’s foldable phone has four cameras in horizontal size. The phone can be folded not once or twice but thrice. The company logo can also be seen in the back panel of the phone.

The smartphone will also have a 10.0-inch display and the company is likely to market it as an entry-level foldable phone. The smartphone is expected to be launched in 2020. It can be easily used by users as a tablet in addition to ordinary phones. However, users may have to wait a little longer to get the information the company has not revealed.

Huawei had launched the Mate X foldable phone in the past, which will be available for sale in the Chinese market from November 15. It is priced at 16,999 yuan (approx. Rs 1,70,000). Samsung also launched its foldable galaxy Fold in the Indian market in the past, priced at Rs 1,64,999. Motorola is also working on the foldable phone RAZR, which is expected to be launched in Los Vegas next month.

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