Xiaomi Mi Note 10 will be launched soon, 108 megapixel camera will be USP

Mi Note 10 will be launched soon. It will have five cameras on the rear. Xiaomi has released the teaser to reveal this. The official teaser of the Note 10 comes at a time when Xiaomi has already issued a series of teasers on the launch of the Mi CC9 Pro in its domestic market. It is claimed that the MCC9 Pro and Mi Note 10 smartphones will come with 108 megapixel cameras. It can be assumed that the MPC9 Pro will be brought in the global market in the name of M Note 10. Because Xiaomi has already introduced the MICC9 series handset in the global market. The Xiaomi smartphone with the M1910f4e model number listed on the certification site is actually the Same CC9 Pro and Me Note 10.

The official teaser of The Mei Note 10 has not received much information. It is only revealed that it will be the first panta camera phone in the world with 108 megapixel cameras. Xiaomi has not yet revealed its launch date. If the Mi CC9 Pro and Mi Note 10 are the same phone, we know a lot about the Mi Note 10 in advance. Xiaomi added teasers for the Mei CC9 Pro on Weibo. Based on that, the Mei Note 10 will have a 108-megapixel primary sensor at the rear, an ultra wide angle camera of 20 megapixels, a 12-megapixel telephoto camera, a macro camera and a portrait shooter. The telephoto lens will provide the phone with a capacity of 10x hybrid zoom and 50x digital zoom.

Keep in mind that the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is scheduled to be launched in China on November 5. We will get detailed information about the Mei Note 10 only after it is launched in the global market.

According to the old report, the Mei Note 10 will also be introduced in the market along with the Mei Note 10 Pro. But not much information is available about the Mei Note 10 Pro. The company may first launch the Mei Note 10. Then, a few days later, the Mei Note 10 Pro should be introduced in the market.

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