These are the first tires with 5G technology.

Pirelli qualifies them as smart tires since they include sensors called Cyber ​​Tire that can be connected to a 5G network.

These are the first tires with 5G technology.
These are the first tires with 5G technology.

The development of these tires is based on a joint experiment developed between Pirelli, Ericsson, Audi, Tim, Italdesign, and KTH, and they have already been tested in a pilot test conducted on the roof of the Lingotto building in Turin, Italy.

Total connectivity

Remember that the tire is the only point of contact between the car and the road and, thanks to this technology that Pirelli has just perfected, it will be able to communicate with the vehicle itself, its driver and, by the hand of 5G, with a road infrastructure that will also be smart.

The objective is for these tires to be able to provide the vehicle with data such as the mounted tire model, kilometers traveled, dynamic loads, or situations of possible danger such as the presence of water or areas with low grip.

Today there are already tires with sensors.

The Cyber ​​Tires work in conjunction with the so-called ADAS, driving assistance systems, and will allow them to process the information received by the sensors mentioned above and adjust the degree of performance of electronic driving assistance devices. We also want to ensure that this data is transmitted to other vehicles on the road.

Today there are already tires with sensors. Correctly, 2019 Pirelli has presented its Track Adrenaline system, aimed at track day lovers and based on P Zero Trophy R tires equipped with sensors.

A future of connectivity

This technology could be said to simulate a right virtual track engineer since he can monitor the pressure and temperature of the roofs in real-time and combine this information with telemetry data that allows the driver to improve his circuit piloting.

The creation of tires with sensors is an integral part of the strategy that Pirelli calls Perfect Fit, focused on the development of customized products and services for automobile manufacturers, fleets, and drivers in general.

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