What Motorola needs to succeed again?

Motorola, it all started with you.

What Motorola needs to succeed again?
What Motorola needs to succeed again?

Founded in 1928, Motorola was responsible for manufacturing the first mobile device in history, the Motorola DynaTAC in 1983

But it was also the company that led the mobile phone market even earlier than smartphones were not even an idea in someone’s mind.

As well as the one that was about to buy from the almighty Huawei in 2003.

How different everything would be now if it had occurred!

And long before its acquisition by Google and that they will launch the mythical and unparalleled Motorola Moto G – the phone that confirmed that the mid-range / low-end devices were also worthwhile – there was a device, the Motorola Razr, That was on everyone’s lips.

Not in vain not only became one of the smartest phones but now many years later, those who had it sigh to see a device like that again.

Motorola will try to resurrect one of its old glories.

And as Motorola’s situation currently has nothing to do with what it has had in previous years, the firm intends to regain its place in the market by attacking the nostalgia of its users. Because yes, the “American” company wants to resurrect the legendary Motorola Razr, although not as we all could imagine.

In the first place, the renewed Razr will be a device that, although on the outside it will have an almost identical appearance to the original model, on the inside it will be very different.

And we not only talk about their benefits, which will be consistent with the current date but in the way they are deployed.

As many of you will remember, the original was a shell-style device, something that at that time was quite common.

This new terminal, on the other hand, will take advantage of all that new technologies offer, and as soon as we open it, its entire 6.20-inch screen will be displayed vertically.

So, as soon as the phone is closed, it will show us a small 2.69-inch front screen perfect to see notifications, but it will be as soon as we open it when we witness that the folding screens can also be beautiful and above all, useful.

In short, we don’t know if Motorola will recover its lost crown again. Nor do we know if it will succeed with this device, but what we can say is that this new Razr is not only original but a priori.

And in the absence of having it in our hands, it certifies that folding screens can also be convenient.

And you, what do you think of the “new” Motorola Razr?

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