Which streaming platform gives you more for less money?

Netflix, which has already confirmed its new batch of series and movies that will arrive on the platform in the next few days, is one of the most popular videos on-demand services.

Which streaming platform gives you more for less money?
Which streaming platform gives you more for less money?

However, the platform has great competitors, such as HBO, Amazon, or even Disney +, which will be available very soon. With so much service and subscription, many users ask themselves: what streaming platform gives you more for less money?

There are currently several options of video on demand platforms to choose from, and more are expected to arrive more in the coming months.

However, the big question is which streaming service offers subscribers the best library of movies and TV shows, which is answered by a Reelgood guide.

Both Netflix, Amazon, or HBO have their share of entertainment, but some offer a more expensive subscription than others.

Both the number of films and programs for each service. As well as the quality of the content, Have been observed, and then compared with the monthly subscription rates.

To define the quality of material, Reelgood has used the official ratings of its audience and web criticism, such as IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes. In this way, the transmission content that obtained a score of 75 or more was labeled as ‘High-Quality Content,’ while all content that received a score of at least 60 was marked as ‘Quality Content.’

Amazon Prime Video offers more content than other platforms.

The study reflects that in terms of price, quantity, and quality; Prime Video clearly stands out above the rest. For example, Prime Video has the most movies of all streaming services: 14,325.

A figure that represents four times the amount of its closest competitor, Netflix, which has 3,772 movies.

As for television series and programs, these two platforms have between 1,900 and 2,000 applications. For their part, HBO and Disney + offer fewer programs as they are limited to the content they own or produce.

In terms of money, and considering that the essential Prime Video subscription is $ 8.99 per month, its users get almost 1,600 movies per dollar invested. Netflix occupies the second position offering 209 movies per dollar, while Disney + and HBO provide less than 100.

As for the series, there is a somewhat similar picture. As for the service that offers higher quality content, the report does not highlight a clear winner. In terms of high-quality movies and TV shows that scored 75 or more, Prime and Netflix were almost equal, with Prime offering 336 titles and Netflix with 320.

For its part, the number of films classified as ‘Quality Content’ increases significantly since Prime Video offers 1,635, and Netflix offers 1,050. It should be noted that HBO and Disney + offer fewer movies but have a better history of high quality or quality content.

For example, while HBO can only provide 915 movie titles, approximately 40 percent of them have a score of 60 or more.

Therefore, less content and options cannot be a bad thing if there is high quality. In short, the report reflects that Amazon Prime Video and Netflix dominate in quantity, while HBO has less content but better quality.

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